The library and its services are only available to library members, who may include:


  1. students enrolled at UL members, who identify themselves with a valid student card and a personal ID document;
  2. students without student status, who require a student card and a personal ID document to become members;
  3. students of other universities, who present their student transcript (“indeks”) or student card and a personal ID document;
  4. others, i.e., staff, who present a personal ID document, and unemployed persons, who present a certificate issued by the Employment Service of Slovenia granting them free access to the services.


To become a member and gain access to the library services, you are required to formally join the library and sign the Application Form. Students enrolled at UL  shall pay the membership fee upon enrolment in the first or more senior years in the current academic year at their faculty.

The student card is a uniform library card for all members of the University of Ljubljana (UL), the Central Technical Library (CTK) and the National University Library (NUK), at no additional cost.

Other users may join the library by completing the Application Form and paying the membership fee according to the applicable price list for library services, published on the library website. The memberships fee is payable at the library.