The Student Council is the official body for representing students’ needs within the structure of the Faculty. According to the Higher Education Act (‘Zakon o visokem šolstvu’) and the University of Ljubljana Statute, we have been appointed as the representative of the interests and opinions of all university students. We aim to solve all problems concerning you, the students, since we were elected (by year and area of study) for that purpose. We aim to improve the lives of others and hope that our endeavours and progress will also benefit future students.

Študentski svetThe Student Council of the Faculty represents all students at the Faculty level in matters linked to the study process, promotion of professors, admission fees and other material costs of study.

The Student Council also deals with all cases concerning violations of the Statute and other acts by the University of Ljubljana that raise our concern. The Council tries to resolve such cases individually – by examining the causes for irregularities or conflicting regulations, which may mean that changes must be made to the system. It is thus important to provide as much supporting evidence as possible as this will strongly facilitate the success of the Council’s requests.

The Student Council represents the students’ activities at the University, but it is independent of the University in its operation since it does not receive any financial support. Therefore, the body is not specialized as a University service activity. The Student Council is responsible for informing and notifying students, problem-solving and criticizing problematic situations within the higher education system. It also works on the preparation of actual proposals for remedying such situations and disagreements. Last, but not least, the Student Council actively participates in the adoption of new legislation.

The Student Council is active in several fields and thus creates a students’ space in both the study and the personal lives of students. The Student Council participates at meetings according to the Rules of operation of the ŠSFE (‘Študentski sveti Fakultete za elektrotehniko Univerze v Ljubljani’) during which it adopts decisions concerning the rights and obligations of students. A special area of operation is represented by commissions that include students’ representatives. Those members are the link between the operation of ŠSFE and boards, since students’ opinion needs to be represented at commissions; especially in matters where the ŠSFE adopts a decision requiring action from the University itself.