The final timetable for summer semester 2022/23



AV: Control Engineering
EL: Electronics
EM: Power Engineering and Mechatronics
ICT: Information and Communication Technologies
BT: Biomedical Engineering
EE: Electrical Power Engineering
ME: Mechatronics
RO: Robotics
ETAP: Power Engineering Technology and System Automation
TK: Telecommunications
KA: Quality Engineering

GROUP NAMES consist of

  • programme title and year (VS-let1, UN1-let1, UN2-let1, UNMM1-let1...)
  • study option/subject area (EL, ETAP, KA...)
  • group type (P: lecture groups, A: tutorials, L: laboratory practice)
  • name of the group (sk1a, sk5c...)

The division into groups for laboratory practice may vary between courses inside the same study option/subject area, depending on the size of the group (sk1a, sk3b, sk5c...). To view the entire timetable, all of the groups that you belong to need to be selected in the group selection menu.