Welcome to the Call for enrolment into master degree programmes of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the academic year 2022/2023

The deadline for applying is 19 August 2022.



Candidates are required to apply by submitting an electronic application through the eVŠ web portal. Candidates applying with foreign qualifications apply for recognition of foreign access qualifications with the same application form.

Please follow the relevant instructions and make sure that you enclose all the relevant documentation to your application, as required by the programme.

Apply as instructed and no later than on the application deadline:

  • online through the eVŠ web portal with a qualified digital certificate or ArnesAAI account or;
  • online through the eVŠ web portal with username and password not.


Please note:

For any support in filling in the application form, please contact:

Enotni kontaktni center državne uprave (EKC)
Phone: 00 386 1 478 85 90 (from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. during weekdays)



Candidates applying for master degree programmes should give evidence of bachelor (first cycle) diploma or equivalent or of higher level according to the Higher Education Act.

In case of limited access, the applications will be assessed against selection criteria specific to the course of study (degree programme).



The tuition fees are charged to part-time students, the students, already having the same level of education completed and to students of the third countries, with which there is no agreement concluded between the countries, on omitting the fees.



Candidates with foreign qualifications are considered to have applied for recognition of their entry qualifications with the application form with which they have applied for study.

More information about the recognition of education finds here.



In case more candidates apply than there are places for the second-cycle (master's) study of Electrical Engineering (115 places are available for EU members and 15 places for non EU members), the candidates take a selection exam.

The selection exam will take place on Friday, 2th September 2022 at 12 o'clock. Candidates will receive exam notice by e-mail. Depending on Covid-19 situation and restrictions in Slovenia and/or your country of origin at the time of the exam, methods of selection exam will be adjusted.

Only those candidates who will submit an application to enroll in the eVŠ system by 19 August 2022 will be notified of the exam.

Those candidates who will be accepted after the selection exam and will meet the entry conditions by 10 September 2022 (complete first-cycle studies) may enroll.