Students' impressions

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Eva Marie Kircher

My semester abroad in Ljubljana was all together an interesting, exciting and formative experience for me. It gave me a new perspective of the world around me, as well as of myself. My time there really awoke my interest in the less-popular eastern part of Europe and the Balkan states. Spending some time abroad, if it is for the purpose of studying or just travelling, comes with many benefits, both for your personal development and broadening your horizon. 

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Eva Marie Kircher, Hochschule fur Kunste Bremene (HfK)/ University of the Arts Bremen, Germany (april 2019)



Bitan Chattopadhyay

It is worthwhile to mention that the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UL houses some fantastic labs and mentors. My experience was even better since, I had a one-to-one discussion with the faculty members due to my language being different from the local students. They provided me with excellent study material, tutored me from time to time and catered to all my problems like a guardian. The administration is equally cooperative and efficient at the same time. I feel ecstatic and proud at the same time, to call myself a student (only for a semester though) of this wonderful faculty.


Bitan Chattopadhyay, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India (Jun. 2015)




Silia FioreI spent my last months in RoboLab in University of Ljubljana, in order to write my Master thesis. I spent there really good time. The Laboratory presents several robots that every student can use to improve their engineering skills. Every researchers and Professors are really friendly and open mind. Moreover Ljubljana is perfect to live not so big to let you feel alone and anyway big enough to find everything that you could need. I would suggest Ljubljana where spend Erasmus period to everybody.

Silia Fiore, Universita Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Italy (Jun. 2015)




Joao Pedro Antunes ClementeWhile nobody is going to offer any student any grade (i.e. even exchange students have to work to get a positive one), I managed to complete nearly 60 ECTS throughout the year, while still maintaining a tremendously good social life, having great fulfilling adventures, and learning quite a lot both inside and outside the faculty.

Joao Pedro Antunes Clemente, University of Coimbra, Faculty of Sciences and Technology (Jun. 2015)





Agnieszka Bartczak
I chose the University of Ljubljana, because I read that it has a great academic reputation. I wasn’t disappointed. The professors were very friendly and helpful and the courses very well prepared. Here I had courses related to electronics and computer science, which was not easy for me, but with helpful professors and other students I managed to pass everything. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is very well prepared for exchange students; students are able to get help without any problems.

Agnieszka Bartczak, Bialystok University of Technology, Poland, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Jun. 2015)





Tomas GliaudelisThis semester was by far the best semester I have ever had. Firstly all the lecturers were extremely friendly: they communicate with students as if they were their colleagues. This experience gave me a new understanding of how important is to make a friendly atmosphere in the work place. Also the quality of studies was really high, so abviously I learned really a lot. Talking particulary about faculty of electrical engineering: this faculty is super flexible with erasmus students because all lecturers speek in english really well, erasmus coordinator is doing a really good job and the study material is not out of date - everyone gets new study materials.

Tomas Gliaudelis, Vilnius University, Litva (Jun. 2015)




Luis Miguel Rocha Jacinto
I wanted to do Erasmus and exchange experiences with other people, other cultures. I choose Ljubljana since in my faculty, in Portugal, everyone that goes abroad to Slovenia says good stuff about it. I went with good impressions and I have to say that Slovenia didn't let me down. It's a lovely country with good people and they are extremely friendly to Erasmus students. I liked the facilities and the equipment available in the faculty, specially in the LMK and robotic laboratory. It is well equipped.

Luis Miguel Rocha Jacinto, University of Coimbra (Jun. 2015)



Bartosz DolegaFaculty of Electrical Engineering at University of Ljubljana is really student – friendly. The thing I loved most is individual approach- as exchange students, we had mostly individual classes with professors. This allowed me to acquire even bigger knowledge than when I was attending “normal” classes at my home university. Also faculty staff is amazing! Everyone is really friendly and willing to help. I have never had situation that something is impossible and cannot be done. I enjoyed my stay in Ljubljana a lot! If you are still not sure, ask student office at FE, for my e-mail, and I will convince you for sure ;)

 Bartosz Dolega, Politecnica Gdanska, Gdansk University Of Technology, Poljska (Jun. 2015)