General information

Arrival to Slovenia: COVID -19 related information -> NO RESTRICTIONS –  EXCEPT masks are obligatory in hospitals and health centres, recommended in closed public spaces. More information regarding covid

This page provides general information for foreign students that are interested in visiting our faculty as internship students.

This page is not relevant for foreign students that intend to fully enroll in our study programs. In such cases please follow the instruction at the web recource

Timeline of applications

Erasmus+ Key Sheet_SI LJUBLJA01 2022/2023.pdf

The information on this page is complemented by specific organizational steps to be taken BEFOREDURING and AFTER mobilty.

The above links Winter Semester and Summer Semester list courses for one- or two-semester students’ internships. The courses are separated into two parts, since individual courses take place only in one of the two semesters.

All of the listed courses are offered to English speaking internship students.

Exams are written and oral. A sufficient fluency in English is necessary for a successful communication during the studying process and for taking exams. As a rule of thumb, we reommend knowledge of English that is on a par with the B2 level certificate. Language certificate by itself is not required from our side; however students are fully responsible for assuring the sufficiency of language skills.

Credits (in Transcript of records as well as in any other document) are issued solely on a basis of successfully passed exams. No credits are assigned on finer-gramular levels (such as successful completion of laboratory courses). Transcript of records consist of only positively graded exams. Negative grades are neither included in transcript of records, nor they are stated in any other issued document.

Information about laboratories and their research activities are provided at the link. For information about lecturers please visit the following link


Administration office from Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

The coordinator of international students’ relations is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Murovec (). Please contact him regarding general questions about educational, professional and scientific aspects of study.

The office secretary for international students is Mrs. Katarina Erjavec Drešar (, tel.: +386 1 4768 209). Please contact her for paperwork issues and issuance of documents.

Tutor for international students is Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh (, tel.: +386 1 4768 145).

Administration office from University of Ljubljana:

In addition to the above two contacts, University of Ljubljana has a separate International Office (, which is in charge of other aspects of studying (application for financing through financing mechanisms and frameworks, information about living costs, visas, health insurances, accommodations at students’ dormitories, enrollment through web applications, and similar). These issues are not dealt with locally at our faculty, and for that matter we are not in a position to give authoritative answers to related questions.

Frequently issued calls for financing of students’ exchanges as well as financial donations are published at the web site of our national agency CMEPIUS – Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes ( Our faculty issues documents that students need for applications, however we are not in a position to answer the questions that are related to the published calls, and we cannot give you interpretations about the stated rules for participation.



How to reach Ljubljana

Entry and residence and Slovenia´s represnetations abroad

Temporary residence permit (for students or for employees) and for intenational students and Helath insurance

Usefull contact and quick overview (VISA, Residence permit, accommodation, health insurance, medical assistance, scholarship, students meals, local transport…)

Information guide for international students and WELCOME GUIDE

Chat with international students



More about accommodation

Bolha, Slovenian online flee market, where you can search for bikes (kolo) as well if you need one for your stay in Ljubljana, Slovenian real estate portal.

ESN - privat accommodations in Ljubljana

International student housing


We have been renting student spaces in our apartment to great crowd of international students that come to Ljubljana for exchange. Soon we will have three (3) spaces available, one (1) for a female student from 23.12.2022 and two (2) for male student from 15.2.2023 in different shared rooms with full amenities, from cleaning to internet, kitchen and bicycle storage. Monthly rental fee is 185€ + expenses. Please be so kind to see the add ( and contact Dušan at  +38641353577 (GSM, WhatsApp, Viber) to book your place. 

Welcome,Dušan., GSM/WhatsApp/Viber: +38641353577


Welcome day 2023/2024: Welcome day presentation 


Occupational safety and health course - OBLIGATORY

All students have to learn the course content and fill the final exam for Safet at Work as soon as they receive the digital identity from Faculty of Electrical Engineering

How to use it:

  • Activate your digital ID ( – if you already did it please ignore this step
  • Log in to our student system STUDIS and then wait for a day or two
  • Log in to – select Health and Safety at Work (Click on "prijavi se z UL ID")
  • Learn the course content and fill the exam.
  • Student must read the entire content of the course first (we ensure this by including test questions on which he must answer during reading). This part is evaluated with 10 points.
  • The test follows at the end of online course. After successfully passing the test, student gets another 10 points.
  • When student reaches at least 80% points, he/she gets to sign a statement that he/she is familiar with the content of "Subject: Occupational safety and health".

Help for finding internship abroad:

An internship, especially an internship abroad, is a great addition to your resume. Every employer wants to hire someone who has some experience. In today's global world, however, the experience of working in an international environment is an advantage.

However, the desire to go abroad is not enough, so we advise you to prepare a plan for finding and preparing for an internship.

We have prepared a proposal of various activities that will help you fulfil your wish to do an internship abroad – Pathway Internship abroad. By joining the path, you will create your own "TO DO list” (which you will find in POPR), so you do not miss anything and which you can complete by the end of the academic year.

How do you apply directly?

If you already know that following the pathway will be useful for you, you can sign up for it by clicking here.

Apply through POPR platform!

You can book on to the pathway through our platform POPR here. Please, be aware that you will need to sign in with your digital student identity.  If you are a regular student just apply with your digital UL identity. If you are Erasmus student, please register to the platform as Študenti UL brez statusa / Other students. For help please contact us at