Digitally signed documents?!

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Ljubljana issues only digitally signed documents that are related to XY (students' Erasmus exchanges, ...). Digitally signed documents are without stamp.​

We would like to kindly ask you not to send multiple emails on the same matter as this does not speed up the process. We reply to older emails first. 


Responsible person:

The coordinator of international students’ relations is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Murovec (bostjan.murovec@fe.uni-lj.si). Please contact him regarding general questions about educational, professional and scientific aspects of study.

The office secretary for international students is Mrs. Katarina Erjavec Drešar (katarina.erjavec-dresar@fe.uni-lj.si, tel.: +386 1 4768 209). Please contact her for paperwork issues and issuance of documents.

The responsible person for signatures is prof. dr. Marko Topič - dean


Where can I learn about the class timetable and how to contact professors?

All relavant information regarding timetable is available here.

Also, please contact all professors that are in charge of the courses in your Learning Agreement. Name of professors you will find on the list of courses in parentheses (winter/summer). Contac them by email with your student email (xy0000@student.uni-lj.si). You have to activete your accout first! How: Mail client settings.

Timetable meaning:

Please note that abbreviations of a type of contact hours on a timetable are associated with expressions in our national language.

P = lectures (which stands for "predavanje")
A = exercises in a classroom (which is "avditorne vaje")
L = laboratory course (which means "laboratorijske vaje")


Letter of Acceptance?

You will receive Letter of Acceptance after you fill in the online application. After that please give us a few days to process your application.

The processing of a student's application can be delayed for several reasons, the most common one being that we are missing one or more of the required documents. In these cases we will inform the student by email about the issue and the actions to be taken by the student.

Please check your email (including spam folder) regularly!


Courses from other Faculties under University of Ljubljana

It is possible to choose courses from different Faculties, as long as having the necessary knowledge to learn them. However each external faculty needs to approve these separately, since we are authorized only for Electrical Engineering. Usually other faculties allows external students to take up to two courses there. Please contact their contact persons, and ask them for permission to enroll in the selected courses, and inform about the approval our office secretary - Katarina.

The schedule is not available yet and will not be available until the very beginning of the semester. It is very likely that courses will overlap, but no worries, as students are allowed to make changes to Learning Agreement upon in one week after the arrival.


Final exams

According to the directive of the rector, each professor in charge is responsible to organize exams in a way that is most suitable and appropriate for his/her courses. Consequently, there is no general rule, so the best way is indeed to obtain information from each professor separately.

If the student does not coplete successfully some educational compotents

Provisions applying if the student does not complete successfully some educational components: In order to retain the right to Erasmus+ financial support, the student is obliged to complete at least 20 ECTS credits in each semester as stated in the Learning Agreement for Studies. If the student receives during the exchange less than 20 ECTS credits, a written explanation, signed by student and Erasmus+ departmental coordinator, must be submitted. If the student has not completed all educational units from the Learning Agreement, the difference to complete the semester/year has to be carried out at the home institution in accordance with his/her study program. If the student does not complete all educational units of the Learning Agreement for studies, he/she enrolls to the next year under the same conditions as the students who were not on the exchange.


When will I receive my official exam results?

According to the procedure that is outlined in After mobility your official transcript of

records will be sent directly to your home university within five weeks after the examination period.


Project-work internship

We approve project-work internship or a work on a thesis, only after some professor here accepts a mentorship of a student. So this need to be arranged in advance, before Learning Agreement is approved (at least this part).
A mentor may arrange the defense of a thesis here, in which case the student gets the grade. However, according to our system the work on a thesis amounts to 30 ECTS with a comparable workload. So thesis for 12 ECTS is not exactly according to our standards, but some students in the past got an agreement from our professors to proceed this way. 

I believe that it is possible to assign credits to project work as well, but generally this is not an entry within a ToR, but stated within a final report.

Our faculty does not offer any payments to Erasmus/foreign students. Health assurance also needs to be provided by a student himself/herself.

As far as dates are concerned, we are happy to approve anything that you agree on with host mentor. The same for the weekly schedule and work regime. This is completely determined by your mentor here. Of course, we take great care not to overloaded you and that you are not required to do any after hours.


Ours details for Learning agreement:

Name: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Department: Departments and laboratories

Erasmus code: SI LJUBLJA01

Address: Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

Country: Slovenia

Size: > 250 employees

Contact person: associate prof. dr. Bostjan Murovec Mentor: Find it here  

Before the mobility: fill all the empty rows with your data and ask your mentor to help you with:

Detailed program of the traineeship:

Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning Outcomes):

Monitoring plan:

Evaluation plan:

Financial support: NO

An accident insurance from receiving instutution: NO

Responsible person for signatures (write all of them - so you have to add rows):


Coordinator: associate prof. dr. Boštjan Murovec

Dean: prof. dr. Marko Topič

Only for traineeship: For arranging your acceptance letter, you must submit an online application via the VIS system: https://studij.uni-lj.si/studexchange/tujci_prva.asp. Please be sure to complete the application (pay attention to the confirmation message and enter the code for the first application). Also please let me know the exact date of your arrival/departure and let me know when you edit the form and submit your online application (katarina.erjavec-dresar@fe.uni-lj.si).

Please find a few relevant information here: http://www.fe.uni-lj.si/en/education/exchange_students_guide/general_information/