Form of studies and students obbligations

Before enrolling, each student chooses a mentor of studies, who offers him or her advice on the choice of subjects and seminars, and provides guidance during the course of studies. In addition, the student also chooses a mentor for the master’s work, with respect to the professional field of the master thesis.

The postgraduate study courses are conducted alternately every two years, once for the first year of entry, then for the second. In agreement with the mentor of studies, the students upon enrolling for the first year register the subjects for the first and second years. In addition to the compulsory subject, they also register for four elective subjects and for the seminar course, regardless of how these subjects are presented according to the individual years.

The postgraduate study programme in electrical engineering is linked with other postgraduate courses at the University of Ljubljana, thus allowing for interdisciplinary studies. Students of the postgraduate course in electrical engineering may also choose, as elective subjects, those, which are compulsory or elective in the computer and information technology programme.

As elective subjects, they may also choose subjects from the master programmes of other faculties. In such interdisciplinary studies, the number of subjects from the master degree course in electrical engineering must be greater than the number of subjects from other postgraduate study programmes. Applications to enrol for subjects of the combined interdisciplinary studies course are dealt with by the Commission for research work, post-graduate and doctoral studies. In this procedure, the credit marking system for individual components of the programme is applied.

Master studies (2 years) have a total of 120 credit points, of which 90 are organized instruction, and 30 for the production of the degree work: hours

Subject hourscredit points
Compulsory subject6015
Elective subject 16015
Elective subject 26015
Elective subject 36015
Elective subject 46015
Seminar course15015
Master thesis30

Thus candidate may acquire a maximum of 30 credit points for subjects from master studies at another faculty or university.

Doctoral studies (4 years) have a total of 240 credit points, of which the number for organized instruction is the same as for master studies, 90 credit points, and for work on the doctoral dissertation 150 credit points. The candidate may acquire a maximum of 30 credit points for subjects from master degree or doctoral studies at another faculty or university.

In case of limited enrolment for the first year of studies, candidates will be selected on the basis of their average mark for examinations and exercises in the university graduate studies course. For the 2nd year of postgraduate studies in electrical engineering, students, who have fulfilled their study obligations for the 1st year by gaining overall at least 30 credit points, may enrol.