Intelligent Systems

Higher education teachers: Meža Marko

Higher education teachers: , Zajc Matej
Collaborators: Zaletelj Janez
Credits: 5
Semester: winter
Subject code: 64129

Subject description


  • Enrollment in the study year.

Content (Syllabus outline):

Intelligence of natural and artificial systems: historical definition of intelligence and overview of the development of intelligent systems. Mathematical background and intelligent systems modeling, knowledge representation, learning methods. Intelligent spaces: the ability of today's technology and prospects for the future. The use of intelligence in information and communication systems: user interfaces, intelligent terminals, ubiquity, identification, modeling users, data mining, personalization. Methods and algorithms of intelligent systems. Knowledge analysis and modeling, methods of learning. Definition of the reference architecture and development of system intelligence. Building intelligent systems: data acquisition, data processing, and system’s response.

Objectives and competences:

Understanding intelligence in modern information and communication systems in relation to the user. Practical use of tools and techniques to support modeling, decision-making and in the management of information.

Intended learning outcomes:

Understanding intelligence in modern ICT systems and data acquisition , processing and analysis. Understanding basics of modeling interactive communication processes.

Learning and teaching methods:

Lectures with theoretical foundations and practical oriented labs.

Study materials

  • Hopgood, Adrian A. Intelligent systems for engineers and scientists. CRC press, 3. izdaja, 2013.
  • A. Steventon, S. Wright, Intelligent Spaces: The Application of Pervasive ICT, Springer, 2005.

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Control Engineering
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Electronics
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Power Engineering and Mechatronics
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Information and Communication Technologies